Treat your skin while you sleep with Radiance Night Oil

Treat your skin while you sleep with Radiance Night Oil

This February and March, our focus is on Anti-Aging. We all know the basics by now. Stay out of the sun, eat lots of greens, quit smoking, limit alcohol, exercise. Most of us want to prevent signs of aging and there are certainly some interesting options available!

Did you know that Kate Middleton is widely reported to use bee venom as her secret to youthful skin? Demi Moore once dabbled with leech therapy. Diane Lane favours acupuncture face lifts. J. Lo likes anti-aging placenta masks. There are Vitamin IV drips, vampire face lifts and ceramic crystal therapies. You can even enjoy a bird poop facial!

What if it didn’t need to be so complicated and you could treat your skin while you slept?

It’s no secret that collagen breaks down as we age. Living Nature’s Radiance Night Oil is a unique, concentrated and potent blend of highly effective anti-aging compounds that stimulate the production of collagen. This aids in the regeneration and repair of damaged skin tissue. We call it nature’s sleep secret.
Available in a 10ml bottle, this precious blend of oils contains Rosehip Oil, with the addition ofRosa Damascene Flower Oil, otherwise known as the damask or Castile rose, renowned for its scent. Rose Otto Oil as well as Calendula, soothe and calm. Nutritious for the mind, skin and body, Carrot Oil revitalizes and tones. Jojoba Oil nourishes. The rich healing of Frankincense Oil helps to repair dry skin and blemishes.

Make sure you sleep enough, drink enough water, and adding the Radiance Night Oil to the mix will make for a pleasant experience when you look in the mirror the next morning!

Eva, Smart Mommy Healthy Baby 
For the months of February and March, wants to give you the gift of time. With every purchase of $75 or more, you will receive a complimentary bottle of Radiance Night Oil valued at $58.

Aging is inevitable, do it beautifully with Living Nature.
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