New to Natural

New to Natural

Why change to natural and why choose Living Nature as your skincare solution?

Good questions! 

We recognise that for many people, beginning a journey to discover the best natural skincare options for you, means needing to understand why it's better for you than what you may have used in the past, then discovering what works for your skin.

When you realise the average woman using synthetic skincare and makeup products applies around 168 chemicals to her skin each day, AND that your skin is the body's biggest organ, it begins to make perfect sense to take great care to make the best skincare and beauty choices you can.

Living Nature was founded on the principles of creating safe, effective, best natural skincare that actually helps retain skin health and overall physical well being, rather than risking skin irritation and a host of other potential health problems now widely recognised as being attributable to the known carcinogens, neurotoxins and endocrine disruptors commonly found in synthetic (and many pseudo-natural) product ranges. For many of us, our lives have moved so far away from nature we have lost something of our intrinsic connection to what's naturally good for us. Living Nature natural skincare and beauty is a way to find your way back.

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Why choose natural?

Why choose Living Nature?

How natural is natural?

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