Laughter and Love for Mother’s Day

Laughter and Love for Mother’s Day

A laugh is a smile that bursts - Mary H. Waldrip

The Tanganyika Laughter Epidemic burst on January 30th 1962 with three girls at a rural boarding school in what is now Tanzania. This strange phenomena is said to have spread to other villages with symptoms lasting from a few hours to as long as 16 days for those affected. The epidemic lasted for 18 months in some areas, involved the forced closing of 14 schools and 1000 people were affected.

Let’s spread a natural epidemic of love and laughter this Mother’s Day.

We’re celebrating Mothers, those omnipotent, wise, all-seeing creatures who freely dispense advice and judgements, (often where none is solicited) managing to maintain a perfect score card of always being right. They anticipate our moods, know our appetites and see our fears in a single glance.

The first time your chubby, baby body experienced the chortle of laughter was likely with your mother. You share a history, gene pool and sense of humour. She was your first teacher and remains the only seal of approval you really need.

A mother’s love is as pure, organic and natural as the certified natural Living Nature skin care and mineral makeup we invite you to share with her this Mother’s Day.

To spread laughter and love on Mother’s Day, treat her to the special, limited edition Living Nature Mother's Day gift pack – guaranteed to make her smile beautifully and naturally.
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The beautiful Living Nature 2016 Mother's Day gift package consists of:

Nourishing Hand Cream Look no further than Living Nature to take care of Mom's hands.
"Our hands are unique to us - they bear our fingerprints, our mark of individuality; they allow us to touch, to feel, to create. They deserve to be nourished and cared for with the best Mother Nature can provide."
Firming Eye Cream To help Mom combat all those laughter lines you will cause. This firming eye cream is highly concentrated and easily absorbed and plumps out fine lines for a smoother, fresher look. 
Lip Balm Let's not forget about the lips. This nourishing balm naturally moisturizes lips at a deeper level, leaving lips beautifully soft and supple.
Laughter Lipstick A beautiful, rich shade of pink, suitable for all skin tones. All natural pigments and nourishing waxes ensure smooth application, fabulous wear and a gorgeous natural smile.
Laughter Lip Liner A soft, gentle, vegetable wax based lip pencil to define lips, perfectly complement the lipstick and prevent it from bleeding into fine lines.
Limited Edition Bliss Lip Hydrator A perfectly soft, rich and slightly shimmery hydrator; it can be worn alone or on top of lipstick. Nourishes with rich plant butters. Heavenly blissful!
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Living Nature’s Mother’s Day gift is available (while stocks last) from for USD69 ($128 value) for CAD89 ($162 value). For further information, contact Living Nature Store by phone at 1.844.900.7546 or by email