Face it Like a Man with Natural Skincare Solutions

Face it Like a Man with Natural Skincare Solutions


Your man loves being a father; he loves sports, eating hotdogs at baseball games, composing songs on his guitar, being in charge of the BBQ, washing his car, fixing things we don’t know how to, throwing ball in a park with his son, and picking daisies with his daughter… Despite his “Dad Bod” he’s still your number one.



The skin he lives in is not so different from yours. It’s exposed to the same environmental conditions, stress factors and aging.

Large pores, acne, scarring, razor rash, broken capillaries, redness….
Men experience the same skin woes as women. The difference is where you have the benefit of years of beauty experience, knowledge and understanding about skincare, he is probably still warming to the idea of the importance of sunscreen. Living Nature wants to help men learn about their skin, and that it is OK to take care of it. 

In the Middle East, it is a common sight to pass a barber shop and see a man reclined in a chair with a green facial mask slathered over his face. In South Korea, where men spend more money per capita on skin care than men anywhere else in the world, they have highly developed skin care routines. 

It’s time to share the joys of natural and gentle New Zealand-made skin care with the men in your life. This Father’s Day give your Dad Living Nature certified 100% natural skincare for men to clean, soothe, invigorate, protect and moisturize. 

Whether he’s an outdoorsy, sporty Dad; a daring, risk-taking Dad; a reading, thinking Dad; or a retired, globe traveling Dad, Living Nature has his skin covered. 




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Gentle Cleansing Shaving Gel
He is face forward and invigorated after cleansing and shaving with this fresh smelling gel. 


Soothing After Shave Gel 
After shaving he is cool and calm and ready to face the day.


Soothing Moisturizer
The finishing touch! - he soothes and protects his skin during the day, and nourishes it at night.




Whether your man is a seasoned skincare user or about to be a convert, we’re sure he will love the natural products from Living Nature. For further information, contact Living Nature Store by phone at 1.844.900.7546 or by email service@livingnature.com.