Caring for Men's Skin

Caring for Men's Skin

Men's skin deserves more than just a morning shave routine.

Not only is your skin exposed to an increasing number of environmental stresses, it is also subjected to the additional challenges often associated with shaving, including razor burn, irritations and dry skin.

Our skincare products, especially formulated for men, are designed to soothe and protect while reducing the effects of shaving. Your skin will feel smooth and conditioned with a healthy-looking vitality.


Shaving Basics

The key to a clean, close shave is to use plenty of warm or hot water throughout the shaving process, keeping your face as wet as possible to soften whiskers and open the pores of your skin.

The second key is to choose the right shaving product to suit your skin. Regular shaving can take its toll on your skin, often stripping it of its natural oils and leaving it feeling tight and dry.

The third essential element is a clean, sharp blade. If your skin is sensitive and prone to irritation, avoid using razors with built in lubricants as these may irritate.




Special Care

Cleanse & Purify
To detox


Gentle Cleansing Shaving Gel 


Deep Cleansing Mask or

Skin Revive Exfoliant
Lip Balm

Manuka Honey Gel


Hydrate & Balance
To de-stress



Soothing Aftershave Gel



Hydrating Gel Mask



Nourish & Protect
To energise



Soothing Moisturiser