Beauty Tips for Dry & Mature Skin

Beauty Tips for Dry & Mature Skin

The great joy of dry skin is a beautiful, clear complexion and blemishes are rare.

This delicate and fine skin type may feel flaky, tight and dry, and needs a little extra care to ensure it always feels smooth, soft and nourished. 

Our anti-aging skincare products, especially formulated for dry and mature skins are designed to restore and maintain youthful-looking skin. Banish the tight feeling and flaky appearance and relish the response your skin has to the products we have recommended for you. Experience how wonderful your skin feels as you reward it with natural anti-aging care!

It's more than just a skincare ritual, it's a holistic approach to the role your skin plays in your life.Cherish it! Click here or on the individual product names below for the Living Nature dry and mature skin products that include our natural anti-aging ingredients.




Special Care

Cleanse & Purify
To detox skin


Gentle Makeup Remover

Vitalising Cleanser

Skin Revive ExfoliantLip Balm

Manuka Honey Gel
Hydrate & Balance
To de-stress


Extra Hydrating Toning Gel


Ultra Nourishing Mask
Nourish & Protect
To energise


Rich Day Cream

Firming Flax Serum

Firming Eye Cream

Nourishing Night Cream

Radiance Night Oil