Beauty Tips for Blemish Prone Skin

Beauty Tips for Blemish Prone Skin

You can experience blemishes with any skin type, particularly with hormonal fluctuation. For spot-treatment of blemishes, our Manuka Honey Gel is packed with miracle healer Active Manuka Honey and super protector Manuka Oil.  If you have acne or blemish-prone skin, we recommend the following Living Nature products and read on for lots of helpful, healthy beauty tips on the natural approach to acne treatment:




Special Care

Cleanse & Purify
To detox

Gentle Makeup Remover

Purifying Cleanser


Skin Revive Exfoliant

Deep Cleansing Mask


Lip Balm

Manuka Honey Gel 
(apply 3-4 times / day)

100% Pure Manuka Oil 
(daytime spot treatment)

Deep Cleansing Mask 
(use nightly as spot
treatment for individual

Hydrate & Balance
To de-stress


Hydrating Toning Gel



Nourish & Protect
To energise


Balancing Day Lotion

Firming Flax Serum

Firming Eye Cream

Balancing Night Gel